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With 100s of Airfryers available to buy on Amazon alone it can be hard to find the best and healthiest Airfyer for you and your family. Here on you’ll find everything you need to choose the perfect airfryer and recipes for your airfrying adventure. We have an extensive list of Airfry Reviews and Recipes to help you along your Airfrying journey. We have reviewed the best products from Amazon saving you time from trawling through endless products searching for the best Airfryer. We give an honest review of each product and also compare it to other products in the market. We have a range of guides and tips for the Airfrying newbie, so if you are new to Airfrying we would recommend to check out our blog which is jam packed with useful Airfying Tips and Advice.

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7 Things You Need To Cook In Your Airfryer

Whether you’re thinking about purchasing an air fryer, or you have an air fryer that you never use, you might be wondering what you can cook in it. Air fryers are incredibly versatile, as you’ll see from these seven recipes. There’s something for everyone with these delicious dishes, and you can customize them to meet your specific tastes. Enjoy!

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Elite Platinum EAF 1616

Elite Platinum EAF-1616 Airfryer Review

The product cooks food using a superheating convention fan. On the product itself is a cooking guide for basic foods, with temperatures and cooking guides for each kind. The unit also has an automatic shut off feature, a cool touch handle and dishwasher safe basket and drawer pan.

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Cozyna Airfryer Review

Cozyna XL Air fryer Review

Most of the Cozyna’s customers express satisfaction over the product’s quality. A lot of users marvel over how quietly the air fryer works, and how efficient it is in its functionality, making perfect french fries in a mere 15 minutes.

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