When your air fryers smell foul – what you need to know

Why air fryer smells foul? Air fryers are a reliable kitchen appliance that enables you to cook crispy food without using too much oil. Research shows that air fryers reduce up to 90% of oil than traditional deep fryers.

If you want to improve your health or hate the taste of oil on your cooked, friend, or baked food, using an air fryer is the best way to achieve these goals. Sometimes, people notice that their air fryers smell foul or produce bad odors.

New air frying machines usually have a plastic smell. Likewise, an old air fryer will produce a foul odor due to burnt food or particles accumulated in the internal components due to a lack of proper cleaning.

Bear in mind that the reasons for each bad smell or odor are different. However, you can eliminate bad smells by following the manufacturer’s instructions on thorough cleaning. In today’s article, we will discuss why your air fryer smells and how you can prevent this problem.

Why Do Air Fryers Smell?

Like other kitchen appliances, such as ovens and microwaves, air fryers produce slight smells when misused. The amount of odors produced depends on various factors, such as the food type you cook, your kitchen’s temperature, and the cooking duration.

Food particles accumulated in your air fryer’s internal components cause it to burn, leading to foul odors. At the same time, it reduces the lifespan of your air fryer due to internal component damages, particularly the heating element and the basket.

Why Air Fryers Smells Like Plastic

The smell of plastic is a common odor produced by an air fryer. However, if you have a high-end machine from a reputable company, it is unlikely to experience a plastic smell. On the other hand, such foul odor is relatively typical with new air fryers used less than ten times. The protective film on the air fryer’s components is the cause of the plastic smell.

When the protective film gets exposed to higher temperatures during the cooking process, it burns and has a potent and foul plastic smell. Many people say that their air fryers stop producing plastic-like bad smells after 5-10 uses of the machine. The number of uses means the time duration of plastic film’s exposure to the high temperature.

If you want to eliminate the plastic smell, make sure you use the machine for prolonged periods until the foul odor has disappeared. Experts recommend dry running your air fryer with no food in the basket to reduce the risk of smell transference to the food’s taste. Keep your kitchen’s windows open to ensure proper ventilation and lower the intensity of smells inside your home.

How to Prevent Air Fryers Smells Foul?

There are numerous solutions to prevent or reduce air fryers’ smells. However, it is crucial to select and use the right solution. The selection of a solution for the problem depends on the type of smell produced by the air fryer. Here are a few tips for cleaning your air fryer.

Clean the Air Fryer

When you clean your air fryer regularly, it won’t accumulate the leftover particles, leading to minimized or eliminated smells. At the same time, no trapped food particles mean no terrible smells, leading to healthy, crispy, and delicious food with excellent taste.

Experts recommend cleaning your air fryer at least two times a week or 3-4 times a month. Remember, this is not the standard, meaning you can increase or decrease it depending on the number of times you use the air frying machine.

The good news is that cleaning your air fryer is not a daunting or time-consuming task. It is relatively easy than cleaning other kitchen appliances because most air fryers come with removable components, such as the basket, which are dishwasher safe.

The air fryer cleaning process takes no more than 15 to 20 minutes. Unplug the air fryer and let it cool down for a few minutes if you have used it for cooking a meal. Next, remove the basket from the air fryer and other components. Place them into your dishwasher for cleaning.

If there are any leftover food particles in the basket, use hot water and soap to wash the basket. You can also let the basket soak for 12 hours if hardened food particles are stuck in it.

Run Your Air Frying Machine without Food

Another way to eliminate plastic-like foul smells is by running your air fryer without putting food in the basket. Remember, this method is beneficial if you have a new air frying machine. On the other hand, if you have an old air fryer and it still produces foul odors, we recommend running the appliance for some time without putting food in the basket.

Dry running your air fryer can remove the hardened particles, dirt, dust, and debris. The hot air circulating inside the machine will loosen the particles, allowing you to remove them easily afterward.

That way, you can prevent foul smells in the future and achieve healthy, crispy, and tasteful cooking, frying, or baking. Moreover, place your air fryer near the kitchen window for proper ventilation to minimize the intensity of smell in the indoor space.

Use Vinegar and Lime Juice for Cleaning

Vinegar and lime juice are excellent cleaning agents that can reduce or eliminate air fryer smells. Get a small dish and put one tablespoon of vinegar and lime juice. Mix the ingredients and put the dish in the basket of your air fryer. Make sure you use distilled vinegar.

Set the temperature between 350 and 400 degrees and run the air frying machine for 2-3 minutes. Let the air fryer cool with the dish inside for 15-20 minutes. Vinegar and lime have excellent fume and smell-absorbing properties. Once done, rewash the basket and wipe the internal components using a damp towel to remove residues.

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