Satisfy your sweet tooth. Make dessert in an air fryer like a pro

Can you make a desert in air fryer? An air fryer is an essential kitchen appliance designed to reduce oil or fat consumption and prepare healthy foods in less time. An air fryer is an energy-efficient device that reduces electricity consumption while allowing you to cook a wide range of food items, including deserts, to satisfy your sweet tooth. In today’s article, we will give you a list of desserts that you can make in your air frying machine.


An air fryer is the best cooking appliance for crispy foods. At the same time, you can make a desert in air fryer. For example, you don’t need to go to your favorite restaurant to eat cannoli. Now, you can do this at home.

The recipe requires you to use pie dough to create crunchy and buttery cannoli. The good news is that you don’t need to use a large quantity of oil as you would do in deep frying. You can easily find the ingredients of this dish at your local grocery store or supermarket.

Cinnamon Biscuit Bites

Cinnamon biscuit bites combine the concept of biscuits and rolls, making it a simple, healthier, and delicious dessert for your family, including kids. You will need the no-yeast dough to bake the cinnamon biscuit bites in your air fryer within a few minutes.

Instead of using water, you can use lemon juice to enhance the taste of crispy cookies. Don’t fill the entire basket, and always keep a small amount of space between each piece to ensure your air fryer circulates the hot air adequately. That way, you can avoid the food sticking to the heating element.

Strawberry Pop-Tarts

Strawberry pop tarts are a delicious dessert in air fryer. Most people love eating this desert in the afternoons after having lunch. Strawberry is a rich source of essential nutrients, including vitamins and antioxidants that improve your health. Instead of baking strawberry pop tarts in a toaster oven, you can use your air fryer for baking a healthier version of the desert. You may use lemon juice to balance the taste.


Churros is another desert in the air fryer that you can make to serve your children and other family members. Not only are air-fried churros healthy and crispy, but they are also light and sweet. You will love the tenderness and sweetness of churros after air frying them.

In addition, if you want to achieve a much better taste, we recommend adding cinnamon sugar to the desert. That way, you can achieve more sweetness and crunchy texture. Make sure you make the dough a few hours in advance. It does take a lot of time to cook the churros.

Peach Hand Pies

Peach hand pies are a dessert in air fryer that you can easily make at home. You will need piecrust and fresh peaches. You can find the piecrust in the nearest store in your local area. You can use fresh peaches for filling the pies, but you can also use thawed frozen peaches if you can’t find fresh ones. Make sure you don’t throw away the leftover peach juice. You can simmer it down in a saucepan. Once thickened, remove it from the pan and use it as an ice cream topper.

Fried Oreos

Air-fried Oreos are much healthier than the ones cooked in a deep frying machine. It is a delicious dessert in air fryer that you can make easily without any problems. Fried Oreos are equal favorites of adults and children. You can also add a layer of peanut butter to enhance the air-fried Oreos’ deliciousness.

However, you can use Nutella instead of peanut butter if you want a unique taste. Ensure the dough encases the cookie during the wrapping process. That way, you can prevent Oreos from burning. It is a perfect dessert in air fryer that you can serve after lunch, especially on weekends.

Apple Pies

Everyone loves apple pies. It is a delicious dessert in air fryer with a mouthwatering and sweet taste. Air fried apple pies have a flaky and savory outside and tangy and juicy inside. Apple is one of the healthiest fruits, and you can use different kinds of apples to make this dessert.

In addition, you can use your favorite items for fillings, allowing you to add a creative touch to your recipe. Apple pies have a sweet and warm taste, and eating them with a cup of coffee or tea will satisfy your sweet tooth.


Increased moisture content on the inside is the best feature of using an air fryer to make delicious brownies. Bear in mind that an air-fried brownie is a simple chocolate-baked confection.

You can eat a brownie at any time of the day, especially after lunch or dinner, making it a delightful dessert. Children love brownies, and to satisfy their sweet tooth, make sure you use an air fryer to make healthy brownies.

Final Words

Although you can use an air fryer to make crispier food items like French fries, chicken wings, potato chips, etc., you can also use this appliance to make delightful desserts. Remember, deserts in air fryer are a lot healthier than deserts prepared it other cooking appliances, such as deep-fryers, ovens, etc.

In addition, air fryers don’t consume a lot of electricity, making them an energy-efficient appliance in your kitchen. You can make a variety of desserts in your air fryer without worrying about your energy bills at the end of the month.

Whether it is winter, summer, or spring, an air fryer is a reliable device for making desserts to serve your family, friends, and even unexpected guests. It is because air fryers cook, bake, or fry food quickly and healthily. Lastly, it is wise to invest in a quality air frying device.

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