Opening a restaurant? You can cut on time AND electricity with this awesome appliance

Opening a restaurant requires careful planning and preparation. Every restaurant owner wants to reduce expenses and increase profitability. There are various ways to reduce your restaurant costs, such as calculating your food costs, converting slow-moving inventory into fast-moving inventory, managing food orders, focusing on portion control, and training your staff to manage different business operations.

What about energy costs? How to reduce energy consumption in your restaurant? You can achieve these goals by reducing heating and cooling costs, changing light bulbs, fixing leaks, adjusting your HVAC systems’ thermostats, choosing an energy-efficient refrigerator, and using quality kitchen appliances like air fryers.

Air fryers are a new technology that uses hot air to cook food. These appliances are equally beneficial for residential and commercial kitchens, leading to healthy food preparation and cutting energy costs. Thus, you can reduce expenses in your restaurant and entice your guests with quality food, generating higher returns on investments (ROIs).

How Does an Air Fryer Work?

It is crucial to understand the technology and mechanism of an air fryer before using it in your restaurant. Otherwise, you can’t get the most out of these energy-efficient appliances. Air fryers use hot air instead of heated oil to cook food. It contains a fan that blows hot air around the food in a sealed chamber.

The hot air in the sealed chamber removes moisture from the food’s crust, producing a crispier surface and a tenderer center of the food item. Although an air fryer has the same goal as a deep frying machine, the only difference is that air fryers don’t have a large quantity of oil to submerge food.

That way, it uses less energy and cooks faster. So, if you are opening a restaurant, you must consider this appliance to save money on your energy bills, cook healthy food for your customers, increase sales, and generate higher profits. Here are a few benefits of using air fryers in your restaurant.

Efficient and Faster Cooking

Speed is the core element of air frying machines. Running a successful restaurant requires you to focus on efficient and faster cooking to engage your customers and make them repeat buyers. That way, you can generate more revenue and build a strong reputation.

Unlike a conventional oven that requires you to preheat the oil before starting to cook, an air fryer goes from room temperature to a few hundred degrees in a few minutes. On the other hand, your oven requires at least twenty minutes to get hot and cook food, leading to a lot of electricity consumption.

Air fryers are energy-efficient appliances, meaning you can cook a wide range of food items in a few minutes and entice your customers with healthy food and excellent customer service. So, investing in air fryers is worth it.

Healthy Food with Delicious Taste

Traditional frying machines require restaurant chefs to use a large quantity of oil. As a result, the food they cook in these appliances contains high-fat content and more calories. Such food items can increase the risk of foodborne diseases or chronic health conditions.

For example, deep-frying chicken requires at least four cups of oil. On the other hand, you can air fry chicken with no more than one tablespoon of oil. Moreover, cooking in fat at high heat can cause acrylamide formation, leading to cancer development.

Cooking and serving unhealthy food can put your restaurant at risk because complaints from your customers can end up in legal consequences. Therefore, we recommend using a healthy alternative, “an air fryer,” to keep your customers out of doctors’ offices and improve your business reputation.

Easier to Clean

Unlike traditional deep frying machines that throw grease particles into the air and create a lot of mess in a restaurant’s kitchen, an air fryer is easier to clean, does not cause a mess, and promotes eco-friendliness.

Remember, when you use deep frying machines in your restaurant, your staff has to clean the grease-covered utensils frequently. At the same time, they have to dispose of the used oil, leading to a lot of waste and environmental damage.

In contrast, you can remove the basket and pan from the air fryer and put them in the dishwasher. High-end air fryers come with a nonstick coating, allowing your staff to clean the components effortlessly.

Electricity Conservation

Many restaurant owners ask: do air frying machines use a lot of electricity? The simple answer to this question is “NO.” Unlike a traditional oven or boiling oil on a stove, an air fryer reduce power consumption and lead to energy efficiency, saving you a lot of money on monthly utility bills.

You can use the saved money on the other crucial tasks, such as creating an eco-friendly ambiance in your restaurant, or spend it on digital marketing strategies to attract more customers.

Even if you have installed high-end air conditioners in your restaurant, cooking the traditional way on hot days can deteriorate ACs performance. As a result, your HVAC system will use more electricity and work harder to maintain an optimal temperature in the facility.

On the other hand, air fryers use a sealed chamber for cooking, meaning it does not emit higher levels of heat. Because the air fryer cooks faster, it does not crack heat out into your restaurant’s kitchen. That way, your HVAC system works optimally and does not consume more electricity.

So, not only does an air fryer consumes lower energy, but it also ensures other appliances in your restaurant remain energy efficient. A recent research report highlights that air fryers can reduce energy bills between 20% and 30% every month.

It is crucial to get the most out of your air frying machines by following the manufacturer’s instructions and focusing on proper hygiene. You can achieve your goal of opening a restaurant and running it successfully using energy-efficient appliances like air fryers.

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