Is your air fryer burning your food too? Here’s why and how to fix it

Is your air fryer burning food? It is a common problem experienced by many people. Like other household appliances, air fryers come with a set of safety hazards and precautionary guidelines.

Not following these guidelines can result in problems like air fryer burning food. However, you can avoid these problems with proper use and care. In today’s article, we will discuss the causes of air fryer burning food and give you some practical tips to fix the problem.

Why Air Fryer Burns Food?

An air fryer, also known as a mini convection oven, is a small kitchen appliance that deep-fries food without too much oil. You can cook a wide range of food items in your air fryer, including pizza, French fries, cookies, and steaks.

Because the air fryer uses a small quantity of oil, the food you prepare has fewer calories, making this mini convection oven a healthy, safe, and reliable kitchen appliance. But why is your air fryer burning food? Let us discuss the causes and solutions.

Using Too Much Oil

The general rule of thumb is to use one or two teaspoons of oil in an air fryer to cook food properly. However, if you use too much oil, it can result in burnt food. Bear in mind that an air fryer is not a deep fryer but mimics its functionality. So, if you are dumping two quarts of oil into your air fryer, you will experience the burning of food.

Your air fryer moves hot air around the food it cooks or fries. Therefore, one of the best solutions to prevent your air fryer from burning food is to use the recommended 1-2 teaspoons of oil.

Cooking Lightweight Foods

The primary function of an air fryer is to move air, allowing it to cook or back the food quickly. However, if you use too light foods items, they will float due to the air movement inside the air fryer.

For Instance, it is not a good idea to cook spinach in your fryer because it is a lightweight food item. When your air fryer starts to fry, spinach will float and end up in the heating coil, where it will burn. Therefore, another solution to air fryer burning food is not to use lightweight food items.

Inadequate Ventilation

Electronic appliances can overheat due to inadequate ventilation. The same principle applies to the air fryer. Not only will your air fryer burn the food, but it will also undergo damages due to overheating.

If you want to avoid the overheating problem, make sure your air fryer has proper ventilation. Keep a distance of at least 5-10 inches between your air fryer and other items to ensure adequate ventilation.

Proper ventilation will run your appliance smoothly, and your food will cook evenly without the risk of burning. Ventilation is also essential for preventing fire hazards. So, make sure to place your air fryer on a flat, stable, and heat-proof surface before cooking food. 

A Dirty Air fryer

Another cause of air fryer burning food is not cleaning it frequently. Although many people find it challenging to clean their air fryer between cooking sessions, removing the leftover oil before using the appliance is crucial.

A dirty air fryer can lead to a wide range of problems, including burnt food. If you ignore cleaning your appliance, crumbs and food particles left behind in the basket will burn when you use the product.

Remember, leftover oil residues will affect the food flavor, produce smoke, and increase the risk of fire hazards. A dirty air fryer is directly proportional to foul odors in your kitchen, meaning you won’t enjoy cooking the food.

So, wash the air fryer basket after cooking the food. We recommend using warm water and dish soap to clean the product. That way, you can run the machine smoothly and streamline your cooking procedure.

Leaving the Air Fryer Unattended

Although an air fryer offers a much easier way to cook your food, you can’t leave it unattended. If you put your food in the air fryer and forget about it, the machine will overheat and burn the food.

Therefore, it is wise to check your air fryer from time to time to prevent the problem. If your air fryer produces black smoke, it means the food is burning inside. On the other hand, if the machine produces white smoke, it means you have put in too much oil.

Remember, when you put too much oil in the air fryer and leave it unattended, it will lead to overheating and eventually catch fire. We suggest pouring some water in the drawer to prevent oil from catching fire. That way, you can keep the appliance cool and avoid the risk of air fryer burning food.

Cooking Raw Vegetables

Raw vegetables do not have high moisture levels than frozen vegetables. So, cooking raw veggies in your air fryer increases the risk of burning because the vegetable’s internal structures absorb the heat quickly.

On the other hand, frozen vegetables have higher moisture levels, preventing the vegetable from absorbing the heat quickly. That way, the air fryer cooks the food evenly before it starts to brown.

Therefore, we recommend using frozen vegetables instead of raw, fresh vegetables to avoid the air fryer burning food. Most people think that frozen vegetables won’t taste the same as raw veggies, but this is a misconception. You can safely use frozen vegetables, and your air fryer won’t compromise its taste.

Don’t cut the vegetables into smaller pieces, and ensure they are about ¼ inch wide. If you want to air fry food items like corn or peas, make sure you add them to a pan that fits adequately inside the frying basket. That way, you can prevent the burning of food and ensure safe and secure cooking.

Final Words

An air fryer is a reliable and cost-effective kitchen appliance. Most people use these machines for cooking food with fewer calories. However, if you don’t know how to use your air fryer properly and commit the mistakes given above, you will experience a wide range of problems, including the burning of food.

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