How to Prevent Air Fryer Fires at Home

If you are looking for ways to prevent air fryer fires at home, you are in the right place. An air fryer is a multi-function and practical appliance that uses hot air and faster air circulation to cook food items from all angles.

The machine allows you to evenly cook food without using extra oil or grease, leading to crispy food with less fat, grease, calories, and harmful chemicals. You can almost prepare any food in an air fryer. You can even fry, bake, roast, and grill food items in your air fryer.

Most people believe that air fryers are prone to fire hazards. Although these machines appear dangerous, it is unlikely for air fryers to catch fire. So, what causes air fryer fires? Most often, it is due to inadequate usage of the machine and not following the safety precautions.

In today’s article, we will give you some safety tips to let you enjoy your air fryer and prevent the risk of fires in your home. Follow the tips and tricks given below to prevent spills, burns, overheating, fires, and other accidents when using your air fryer. Read on!

Read the Instruction Manual

If you have purchased a new air fryer, make sure you read the instructional manual before using the product. Make sure you keep the manual for future use. Before plugging in the air fryer, remove all packing material from the product’s inner parts.

Look for loose, malfunctioned, or broken pieces of materials that could have fallen between the cooking chambers, the baskets, or heating areas. Clean all inner parts thoroughly before air frying food.

Some inner parts of the machine accumulate oil residues during the cooking process. So, it is wise to clean the air fryer before using it next time. Read the instructional manual on how to clean your air fryer properly without causing damages.

Don’t overfill it with Food

The best way to prevent air fryer fires at home is to avoid overfilling it with food. Experts recommend not loading the fry basket past the fill line. Because these machines require a minimum amount of space between the fan and heater, overfilling can cause a fire hazard. Therefore, you must not fill the basket past the maximum fill line.

Avoid filling the Basket with Oil

Don’t fill the basket with oil or any other liquid because it can cause overheating and fire. Use the amount of oil as recommended in recipes, and make sure to mix it with ingredients before placing them in the machine.

You can’t put oil inside the fryer basket separately because it can cause the unit to overheat and ignite. Likewise, we recommend never placing the air frying on a stovetop because a hot stovetop can cause the machine to smoke, melt, and even catch fire.

Avoid Placing Objects on Top of the Fryer

Another way to prevent air fryer fires at home is by not placing objects on top of the unit. Objects can block the inlet air and impeded airflow into the machine, leading to overheating and eventually fire.

In addition, don’t place the fryer too close to cabinets or walls as the hot steam and air can damage surfaces. Maintain a distance of at least 5-10 inches above, behind, and next to the unit to prevent blocking outlet air.  

Check the Food Periodically

Always check the food item halfway through the cooking cycle to prevent burning, smoking, and air fryer fires. Make sure you don’t use the unit for an extended period. Because it is not a commercial product or unit, doing so can cause overheating internal components and trip its safety devices.

If you smell smoke during the operation, unplug the unit immediately. Use gloves or any other suitable protection for your hands and remove the basket assembly safely. Always unplug the machine when not in use to prevent damage from electrical surges and lightning strikes. That way, you can avoid the risk of a fire hazard.

Check the Main Circuit’s Voltage

Check and analyze the voltage of the circuit that corresponds with the appliance rating before operating the unit. If the appliance is damaged or the supply cord is not in good condition, stop using the unit immediately because it can cause fire hazards.

Seek advice from the manufacturing company, its service agents, or a qualified person. Moreover, avoid hanging the cord over the edge of the counter or table because it can result in severe burns, particularly to children.

Close Supervision is the Key

Experts recommend switching off and unplugging the unit before filling, removing tools, or attachments, before cleaning, and after use. Close supervision is essential when using such an appliance by or near children. Make sure your children do not play with the unit during the food cooking process.

Although children above the age of eight can use an air fryer, it is best to prevent them from using the unit. Even if your children use the unit, make sure you supervise the entire process. Any minor mistake can lead to harsh consequences, including fire hazards. Educate your children to ensure they understand the hazards involved and how to prevent them.

Remove the Pan and Basket after Use

The basket and pan are dishwasher safe. So, remove the plug from the socket and allow the unit to cool down before cleaning it. Removing the frying fan from the unit will lead to faster cooling. Make sure you don’t immerse the lid unit of your air fryer in water and ensure no water enters the appliance.

Unplugging the unit is essential before removing the pan and basket because it can lead to harmful consequences and risk your health. Moreover, avoid using scouring pads, strong solvents, abrasive cleaning agents, and steel wool to clean the appliance.

These things can damage the appliance’s outside surfaces, and when you tend to use it again, the overheating may cause the machine to catch fire. Therefore, it is wise to follow a step-by-step approach when cleaning your air fryer.

Final Words

An air fryer itself is not dangerous and may not cause fire hazards. The actual problem occurs when you misuse the unit. Follow the tips and tricks given above to avoid air fryer fires. Until Next Time!

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