How much electricity do air fryers use, and can they help me save?

How much electricity do air fryers use? It is a common question asked by many energy-conscious people with a limited budget for utility bills. An air fryer is a popular countertop kitchen appliance that works like a convection oven. It mimics the functionality and results of a deep frying machine without using too much oil.

Instead, the air fryer uses hot air circulation technology to cook, bake, or roast food items. A recent research report published by the NPD Group states that about 40% of households in the United States use air frying machines for cooking healthy, crispy, and delicious food. You can cook or fry a wide range of foods from different categories.

For instance, you can cook homemade French fries, frozen chicken wings, vegan dishes, roast veggies, and even bake cookies. The top section of an air frying machine has a heating element and fan. The heating element produces hot air, and the fan distributes it around the food.

As a result, the food you cook is tenderer on the inside and crispier on the outside. That way, you enjoy the same taste and crispiness of the food item you cook in a deep frying machine, but at the same time, you reduce the number of calories and fat content. The question is: how much electricity do air fryers use, and can they help you save money on energy bills?

How Much Electricity Do Air Fryers Use?

The amount of electricity an air fryer uses depends on various factors, such as the make, model, capacity, and the time you need for cooking. Research shows that the average electricity consumption of an air fryer is between 1,400 watts and 1,700 watts.

The air fryer’s size also determines the amount of electricity required to cook the food. For example, a large air frying machine is an excellent choice for people looking to cook more food in a single go. The purpose is to save time, reduce electricity consumption, and save money on utility bills.

On the other hand, a smaller air fryer is not suitable for a large family. If you have a smaller air fryer, the chances are that you will cook in batches, meaning the appliance will consume more energy. However, there are some high-end air frying models with energy-efficient features. So, even if you cook in smaller batches, you will still save on electricity.

Moreover, cooking more food means the air fryer will use more power. Air fryers work by produce hot air in the confined space. The temperature is high enough to cook the food. If the amount of space is more and the food requires cooking at a higher temperature, the appliance will consume more energy.

For example, an air fryer with an 800g capacity usually operates on 1,245 watts. In contrast, an air fryer with a capacity of 1.2kg requires a power of about 2,100 watts. So, the increase in capacity is directly proportional to higher energy consumption. 

Furthermore, cooking food in a conventional oven requires preheating the device for at least 15 to 20 minutes. On the other hand, you will need to preheat an air fryer for 5-8 minutes for most of the recipes. So, your air fryer is more energy-efficient than the oven.

Factors Affecting Air Fryer’s Electricity Consumption

High-end air fryers with advanced technology come with different features and settings. These appliances have digital panels, allowing you to adjust the settings based on the food item you want to cook.

Likewise, numerous factors come into play, including time, capacity, air circulation technology, food type, etc. Ultramodern air fryers offer different settings and options for appliance users. So, if you use an ultra-modern air fryer, you can adjust power and temperature settings to reduce electricity consumption.

The amount of food and the time required for cooking are two crucial factors determining your air fryer’s electricity consumption levels. For example, cooking a chicken breast in your air fryer will take around 15 minutes. Likewise, cooking two chicken breasts will require 20 minutes.

If you are wondering why the two chicken breasts require 20 minutes and not 30 minutes, it is because you have already turned on the air fryer, and it produces enough heat to cook the food. So, the amount of electricity air fryers use depends on how long the appliance is turned on and the time required to cook the food.

Are Air Fryers Energy-Efficient?

Unlike deep frying machines, microwaves, and ovens, air fryers are more energy efficient because they produce hot air to cook food quickly. Because air fryers don’t draw a lot of electric wattages, they still have enough heat to fry your favorite food, such as chicken breast, pizza, kale chips, potato chips, shrimp, or French fries.

Unlike a conventional oven, microwave, or boiling oil on a stove, an air fryer uses power misers, making the product more energy efficient. So, yes, you can save money on energy bills every month while still enjoying the most delicious and crispy food. However, we recommend investing in a high-end air fryer to achieve your goals.  

Final Words

Air fryers are perfect kitchen appliances to whip up frozen foods, making them a healthy alternative to deep-frying machines. The results are much better than deep frying or oven-frying, and your kitchen’s temperature does not rise to uncomfortable levels because the heat remains inside the container. Although various brands and products are available on the market, not all of them are energy efficient.

Many models cost less than $250, and some of them have a price under $100. It is crucial to purchase a high-quality product with a large capacity if your goal is to save electricity bills. When purchasing a new air fryer, always go through the specifications, including size, maximum temperature, capacity, etc., to know whether the product is worth your investment.

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