Air fryers – the mini convection oven that you may still want to consider

Many people want to buy an air fry, but they don’t know the key differences between an air fryer and an oven. That’s why in today’s article, we will discuss an air fryer vs an oven to help you make an informed decision. The purpose is to help you save time and money, allowing you to choose an appliance that best fits your cooking needs.

When you use a traditional deep fryer, you immerse food directly in the hot oil. Besides, the oil surrounds the food, making it crispy. However, you don’t achieve uniform crispiness, making the food less delicious. On the other hand, an oven, particularly a convection oven, uses hot air to heat the food, producing more crispiness than the deep fryer. Read on!

What is an Oven?

An oven is an essential part of a range of standalone as a separate kitchen appliances. Ovens come in three sizes: single, double, and combinations. Single ovens are traditional models with one door that always hinges at the bottom and opens from the top down.

These ovens are an excellent choice for people with limited kitchen space. However, it offers only one temperature at a time, leading to longer cooking items. On the other hand, double ovens have two cavities.

You can heat each one to any temperature independent of the other. That way, you can bake food at variable temperatures simultaneously. Bear in mind that double ovens take up more space than their single-oven counterparts.

However, these are an excellent choice if you are a prolific cook. Moreover, combination ovens are single and double ovens combined with a microwave located on top of the unit. It provides a sleek kitchen design with this appliance in a single location. Combination ovens are larger in size and require a custom space in your kitchen cabinetry.

Types of Ovens

You can further classify ovens by their heating method: conventional and convection ovens. Let us now discuss the difference between a conventional oven and a convection oven so that you have a clear idea. Keep reading!

Conventional Oven

Conventional ovens have two heating elements. The first is for baking and roasting, and the second one is for broiling food items. Many homeowners use their ovens for baking food items, during which heat comes from the unit’s bottom.

Some modern ovens have heating systems located in the upper and lower part of the unit, leading to quick heating of food. Conventional ovens are less expensive than other heating methods available, including air fryers.

Convection Ovens

Convection ovens have an additional component that makes them unique from conventional ovens. The unique component or part is the “fan” that disperses the hot air faster and evenly during the cooking process.

Thus, it cooks food evenly throughout and uses 50% less energy than its traditional counterparts. Because a convection oven circulates the hot air faster, it reduces the cooking time.

One study shows that a convection oven reduces an average of 30% cooking time. Now that you have understood the mechanism of ovens, including conventional and convection ovens, let us discuss the air fryer so that you can conclude a better appliance through analysis of an air fryer vs an oven.

What Is an Air Fryer?

An air fryer is an advanced, cutting-edge kitchen appliance that has gained more popularity in recent years. Unlike conventional ovens, these are smaller and more portable. Many people call an air fryer a mini convection oven.

Most air frying products available on the market have a unique design and shape. For instance, they are usually taller and resembles a coffeemaker. An air fryer has a bucket that you can remove and attach easily. There is a removable basket inside the bucket, and you use this part for the food.

Using an air fryer is a pretty straightforward process. For instance, you remove the bucket and basket, put the food in the basket, and then slide the bucket into the unit. Next, you turn the machine on and start the cooking process.

Most air fryers have fans located overhead. Because the fan is closer to the food, it blows and circulate hot air to ensure proper and even frying. Remember that an air fryer is relatively a smaller device than the oven, meaning it can accommodate a small amount of food. If you put too much food and oil, you will increase the risk of burning the food.

You can cook, roast, and bake a wide range of food items in your air fryer. Make sure you check the food periodically to avoid overheating. The purpose is to prevent the unit from catching fire. Let us now discuss the advantages of an air fryer. Continue reading!

Air Fryer vs an Oven – Which one is better

Air fryers are advanced kitchen appliances that allow you to cook food reliably, healthily, and quickly with even distribution of hot air. However, air fryers are a bit louder than ovens, particularly convection ovens. However, if you perform thorough research and find a product that does not produce a lot of noise, you are good to go.

Although an air fryer is more expensive than a convection oven, it is more beneficial because the food you cook is healthier due to less use of oil or grease. A high-end product has an average price ranging between $200 and $250. On the other hand, a convection oven has an average price between $120 and $150.

Moreover, air fryers won’t take much space in your kitchen compared to a convection oven that takes a considerable amount of space on the countertop. You can also store your air fryer in a cupboard.

Conversely, a convection oven is challenging to store in the cabinetry and will stay on the countertop full-time. Although the ultimate choice is yours, we believe an air fryer is a much better option.

Final Words

Although an air fryer has the same working mechanism as a convection oven, it is quite different from the traditional oven. An air fryer uses hot air to cook different food items. The biggest benefit of an air fryer is that it prevents you from using a large quantity of oil, leading to reduced fat content and fewer calories.

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