6 Great Airfrying Hacks

A great hack when cooking chips in your airfryer is to microwave the chips for approx. 5 mins before airfrying to give them a soft and fluffy texture inside but leaves them crispy on the outside. These are probably the best air fried chips you will ever taste! For extra crispyness you can add a small amount of spray on oil to the chips.

2) Looking for a quick way to clean your Airfryer?

Heat the airfryer to 180 degrees celcius for 4 minutes before cleaning. This will loosen all the grease that has been caught in the airfryer and will allow the airfryer basket and compartment to be cleaned a lot easier. Another hack I use it I simply just put my airfryer compartment and basket into the dishwasher! Just make sure its dishwasher friendly.

3) The Airfry Diary

When I got my airfryer I started cooking everything in it! One great idea I had was to get a diary and write the cooking times of each food in it and the temperature it was cooked at. Usually after the gym I would cook some chicken and potatoes in it which meant I could simply set the timer to 20 minutes and have a quick shower and cook down to a nice freshly cooked airfried dinner!

4) Buying an airfryer? Think Big!

If you are in the market for an airfryer, the one piece of advice I would give is “go big or go home”. A standard airfryer will cook for 1-2 people depending on what is being cooked in it whereas the larger model or XL models will cater for 3-4 people which is ideal for a busy family household and will save an awful lot of stress and hassle of cooking more portions. Afterall the airfryer is supposed to reduce cooking time not increase it! So if your thinking of making the move go LARGE

5) Keep it clean!

One thing I’ve noticed is that if I don’t keep my airfryer cleaned on a regular basis the food doesn’t taste as good when cooked. This is because the grease collects in the compartment tray below the basket and effectively taints the food if not cleaned regularly. If you looking at ways to clean your airfryer you can check out my post here on the best methods.

6) Looking for Air Fry Crispy Bacon?

Okay so here’s my 2 cents on this. If you are going to do bacon in the airfryer the best one to use is streaky bacon. The crispyiness is unbelievable. Because of the natural fat in streaky bacon it melts down and creates a crispy rind effect. Now that’s not to say you can’t do normal back bacon in the airfryer and still have it crispy – The way to get this crispy is to spray a small bit of oil on the bacon and away you go! There is no nicer bacon the air fried bacon.

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