10 Surprising things you can make in an air fryer

There are many things you can make in an air fryer. Everyone wants to eat delicious and healthy food, but it is not an achievable objective if you don’t use an air fryer. A growing body of research evidence confirms the efficacy and safety of air fryers when it comes to preparing healthy food.

Things you can make in an Air Fryer

Air frying is healthy, reliable, and cost-effective than deep-frying, cutting calories by 80% and offering a reduced amount of fat content. The cooking time of an air fryer is less than other appliances, and most recipes require no more than twenty minutes.

An air fryer uses hot air circulation technology to cook, bake, or fry the food. Unlike deep frying, an air fryer can cook the food quickly without compromising the crispiness on the outside. Here are the ten surprising things you can make in an air fryer.

1.   Fried Pickles

Fried pickles are one of the best things you can make in an air fryer. Most people use deep frying machines for this dish, but it can cause harmful effects on their health. On the other hand, you just need to coat the pickles in breadcrumbs and seasonings to achieve the same crispiness and brownness without using a large quantity of oil. It will take no more than twenty minutes to air fry pickles.

2.   Apple Chips

Apples are an excellent source of essential nutrients like vitamins and fiber, and apple chips make a healthy snack for you and your family, especially if you want to enjoy the deliciousness and maintain your health. Using an air fryer allows you to make apple chips crispier, tasty, and mouthwatering.

3.   Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin seeds are other things you can make in an air fryer. The dish is popular among people during the winter season. It is easy to cook pumpkin seeds in your air fryer because it requires about 13-15 minutes to carry out the process. You can also serve air-fried pumpkin seeds with homemade granola.

4.   Ravioli

Ravioli is a delicious food item that you can make in your air fryer. It is an easy recipe that does not require a lot of ingredients. All you need are bread crumbs and seasonings, and you can cook the food in less than ten minutes. We recommend eating it with marinara sauce or ranch dressing.

5.   Salmon and Brussels sprouts

Do you want to cook fish and vegetable-based food efficiently and quickly without losing the original crisp and deliciousness? If yes, you can use an air fryer to get the job done in less than fifteen minutes.

For example, you can quickly cook salmon and Brussels sprout for lunch or dinner, especially when you have unexpected guests. You will need salmon fillets, Brussel sprouts, seasonings, and cooking spray to make delicious food.

6.   Potato Chips

Potatoes are an excellent source of fiber, allowing you to lose weight by keeping your stomach full for a prolonged period. The fiber in potatoes also prevents cardiovascular conditions and keeps your cholesterol levels optimal.

In addition, potatoes contain high levels of antioxidants to prevent a wide range of health conditions and vitamins to ensure your body functions properly. However, deep frying potato chips are unhealthy and increase the risk of high blood cholesterol, obesity, diabetes, and other conditions.

On the other hand, you can still enjoy eating potato chips without harming your health. How? Use an air fryer for potato chips because it does not require you to use more than two tablespoons of oil. Your children will love snacking on potato chips in the evening.

7.   Banana Bread

Yes, you can make banana bread in your air fryer. It is one of the healthiest desserts you can eat after lunch or dinner. Banana bread is healthy food for your children, improving their overall health and wellbeing. You can also top the bread with peanut butter to enhance the taste. You can make the bread in less than one hour.

8.   Corn

If you want to cook quickly without using too many ingredients, we recommend cooking corn in your air fryer. For instance, Mexican street corn is easy to make and delicious recipe that you can air fry. You can complete the cooking process in less than fifteen minutes, and all you need for this recipe is butter, garlic, and lime juice.

9.   Fried Chicken

Although this is not as surprising as other food items listed in this post, many people deep fry chicken to achieve crispiness and brownness for better taste. However, deep-frying requires a lot of oil, meaning you will consume more calories and fat content.

Remember, this is not a healthy choice. In contrast, it is pretty easy to avoid this problem and air fry chicken without using too much oil and achieve the same level of crispiness. You can use your favorite seasonings and sauces to boost the flavor or taste.

10.Chocolate Chip Cookies

If you are reading this post, let us tell you that you might not know whether you can make chocolate chip cookies in an air fryer. Chocolate chip cookies are an excellent snack for people of all ages, and you can use your air fryer to make healthy cookies. It is an easy recipe and requires no more than five minutes of cooking time.

Things you can make in an Air Fryer – Final Words

Consuming healthy food is an essential part of your daily diet regimen. It protects you against a wide range of chronic and non-communicable conditions, such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, obesity, and cancer.

Using an air fryer allows you to reduce calories and fat content while enjoying your favorite food items. There is less sugar, salt, and saturated trans-fats, and these are the ten surprising things you can make in an air fryer healthily and cost-effectively. Less oil usage means saving money on this particular item.

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