Yedi Total Package XL Air Fryer Airfryer Review

Yedi Total Package XL Air Fryer Airfryer Review

Price 7.0
Ease of Use 8.0
Style 8.0
Cooking Capacity 9.0


  • Faster and efficient cooking for the entire family
  • Can cook from fresh and frozen
  • Built-in smart programs to cook various food categories accordingly
  • Minimum cooking oils used when cooking
  • Contains a deluxe assessor cooking kit


  • The unit may be expensive on the pocket
  • No viewable cooking area

Yedi Total Package XL Air Fryer, Deluxe Accessory Kit, 100 Recipes Included, Cooking Basket Divider, 2Yr Warranty. Healthy Air Crisper Oil-less Oven (5.8 QT) Review


Key Features: Air Fryer
Colour options: Black
Timer Controls: Up to 30 mins. Temperature control: up to 400 degree Celsius
Serve : One large family


Brand Yedi total package
Model Number GV013
Colour Black
Serve : One large family
Power / Wattage 1425 watts
Voltage 120 volts
Material Stainless steel and plastic
Auto Shutoff Yes
Special Features Oil-Less Timer


Next on the list is an air fryerthat has been ranked the best air fryer overall by Business Insider. It has 654customer reviews on Amazon and scores a solid rating of 4.5 stars, with 81% ofcustomers giving it a 5-star rating.

Nobody likes dishing out cash onadditional components, especially after you’ve just broken the bank on anexpensive purchase like the Yedi ($169.99). But the fact is that most airfryers on the market do not come with additional accessories for baking,grilling, roasting and other uses apart from frying. The Yedi Fryer stands outfrom its competitors because of this very reason, as it comes with a deluxeaccessory kit that includes all the components you will ever need to put theair fryer to full use. The kit includes a divider for thecooking basket, a 50 perforated parchment steaming papers, an 8-inch cakecarrel, multi-purpose rack with 3 stainless steel skewers, cupcake siliconepan, an 8-inch pizza pan, and a rubber mat. So with the Yedi, you’re gettingmaximum value for your money and will be saved from the hassle of buying thesecomponents separately.

Most air fryers come with their own recipe book, so the Yedialso coming with one isn’t something out of the ordinary. But what isextraordinary about the Yedi is that it comes with a mobile app for iOS andAndroid as well as a website that has new air fryer recipes and contentuploaded every week! And not only that, it also comes with a cooking timetable, so that you’ll know just how long to cook different foods in order toget the best results.

The fryer also has a digital control system that is customerfriendly and easy to implement. With a mere touch on the screen, the cook canset the time and temperature for the food he is cooking. This enables the easyfor the customer to continuously monitor the air fryer as it is built in. Thereis another option for the user to use the built-in smart programs to cook mealslike chops, fries, baked food, shrimps, fish, and chicken steak.

Still feeling hesitant about splurging out on such anexpensive product? No worries, because with the Yedi, if you’re not satisfiedwith your purchase or experience technical issues with it, you always have theoption of getting it replaced or return it with full money refund.

So, with a large number of positive reviews and a high star rating of 4.6/5, Yedi’s air fryer stands out as one of most customer satisfactory products in the market. However, being a deluxe product, it has a high price that not everyone can afford. Moreover, there is no viewable cooking area which some people might not prefer. If these factors don’t bother you, the Yedi is a great option, and not many air fryers can beat it in terms of quality and functionality.

Mister Air Fry Top Tip:

There are two sizes available, 3.7 qt and a 5.7 qt one. So when buying, be mindful to buy one which will best suit your usual serving requirements.


Yedi Total Package AirfryerYedi Total Package Airfryer

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