Secura Airfryer

Secura 4 Liter, 4.2 Qt., Extra Large Capacity 1500 Watt Electric Hot Air Fryer Review

Secura 4 Liter, 4.2 Qt., Extra Large Capacity 1500 Watt Electric Hot Air Fryer Review

Price 9.0
Ease of Use 9.0
Style 7.0
Cooking Capacity 9.0


  • High-speed air circulation speeds up the cooking process
  • Has more capacity in comparison to competitors in the market
  • Heat and power indicators enabled
  • Easy to use and user-friendly
  • Easily affordable


  • The fryer is comparatively less advanced in built-in and digital system in its market
  • The surface is not viewable to see the progress of food

Secura 4 Liter, 4.2 Qt., Extra Large Capacity 1500 Watt Electric Hot Air Fryer and additional accessories; Recipes, Toaster rack, and Skewers Review

With over 1000 reviews on Amazon, the Secura has been awarded a rating of 4.5.


Key Features: Hot air cooking
Colour options: Black
Timer Controls: Time and Temperature control options available
Size: 4.2 Qt
Capacity 4 liters


Brand Secura 4 Liter
Model Number
Colour Black
Capacity 4 liters
Size: 4.2 Qt
Cooking timer 60 mins
Material Stainless steel
Auto Shutoff Yes
Special Features Additional accessories with hot air fryer


With a 4.5 star rating, the Secura is one of the crowd’s hot favorites when it comes to air fryers. Considered one of the bigger air fryers in the market (in terms of cooking capacity), it boasts an extra large basket of 4.2 qt, meaning that it can easily cook a main dish for your family. Moreover, it has a variable temperature control that can cook at temperatures anywhere between 180 to 390 degrees (F). Secura Hot Air Fryer makes use of hot air in combination with high-speed air circulation to cook the food rapidly with fewer amount of oil being used for the cooking process.

What makes the Secura a win-win is the fact that it also comes with additional accessories, like a pan, a BBQ and toaster rack, nonstick fryer basket and kebab skewers, allowing for east and convenient indoor grilling. This baby is a true powerhouse, powering up at 1500 Watts, and delivering crispy fried goodness that tastes like something straight out of a restaurant.

Adding to this product’s convenience is the fact that it has 6 preset food settings and can make fries, steaks, chicken wings, cake, bread, and other meats. If all this wasn’t enough, its sleek, stainless steel body will for sure tempt you into buying the Secura.

The cooking time for the food is effectively reduced by using Secura hot air fryer. For instance, a full basket of frozen chicken wings takes about 25 to 30 minutes to air fry. A defrosted rib eye steak takes about 6 minutes to be prepared. This however again depends on how thick it is. Hopefully, this helps give you an idea.

The only possible drawback to the Secura is that it has occasionally been blamed by customers of not getting hot enough to cook the food. Apart from this potential issue, we believe that the Secura has a lot to offer you, and gives great value for money, in terms of durability and functionality. So, if you are someone who is looking for simple air fryer, with all the basic facilities and at an affordable price, this is exactly where you should invest.

AMAZON RATING: 4.7/ 5 Stars

Mister Air Fry Top Tip:

You should avoid overfilling the fryer basket because overfilling will substantially increase your cooking time. It is instead better to cook in segments.


Secura Airfryer
Secura Airfryer

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