Cozyna Airfryer Review

Cozyna XL Air fryer Review

Cozyna XL Air fryer Review

Price 9.0
Ease of Use 6.0
Style 7.0
Cooking Capacity 7.0


  • Cooks all types of food items and is easily cleanable
  • Non-stick feature
  • Wider range of cooking temperature and can bake and grill food
  • Has great customer service with a very efficient response time


  • The size may seem to be a bigger than other kitchen appliances
  • No viewable cooking area
  • The non-stick surface peels off if not it is not properly cleaned
  • You need to instructions while cleaning the Air Fryer XL to prevent any damage to the unit

Air Fryer XL by Cozyna Review

The Cozyna scores a rating of 3.5 stars, based on over 600 customer reviews. .


Key Features: Rapid Air Technology
Colour options: Black
Timer Controls: Up to 30 mins. Temperature control: 149°F to 400°F
Capacity : 5.5 liters


Brand Cozyna
Model Number B077THGPKB
Colour Black
Item Weight 14.77 pounds
Product Dimensions 14 x 14 x 16 inches
Power / Wattage 1700 watts
Material Plastic
Auto Shutoff Yes
Special Features Oil-Less, Timer


Like so many other models we’ve reviewed so far, the Cozyna works using Rapid Air Circulation tech, in order to evenly and efficiently cook food. It also claims to use 70% less oil than typical air fryers. It allows for versatile cooking, and multi functions as it can not only fry, but also grills, bakes and roasts.

The Cozyna also comes accompanied with a cookbook, with over 50 recipes, to get you started on air frying in case you’re new to this whole concept. Plus, there’s also a digital e-book that you’ll receive via email, for additional recipes.

The Cozyna comes in two versions. One has a cooking capacity of 3.4 qt, and the other has a 5.3 qt capacity. You can adjust temperatures up to 400 degrees F. The body of the product has a knob for timer on the front, that you can adjust by an increment of one minute. It also has indicator lights, orange to indicate that the unit is heating up and green to indicate when the unit is ready to go.

The fryer basket and cooking pan are both dishwasher safe and can also be easily washed by hand.

Most of the Cozyna’s customers express satisfaction over the product’s quality. A lot of users marvel over how quietly the air fryer works, and how efficient it is in its functionality, making perfect french fries in a mere 15 minutes.

Now moving on to the not so great elements of this air fryer. A couple of customers have complained that the color on the basket seems to fade away with time. While this might not be a deal breaker for most, it can be aesthetically displeasing.

In case of any issues, the company also offers a 60-day money back guarantee. So you can make your purchase with confidence. One of the ma

One of the factors that makes it so popular among users is its sterling customer service. The Cozyna offers great customer service and in case of any problem, they get back to you within the minimum amount of time required by them to process your complaint. In case of a fault in the appliance, you product will be replaced in a 2 to 3 days’ time.

Due to the multipurpose nature of the product, it’s rating and popularity are on the rise. We believe that while it’s one of the relatively simpler air fryers, it serves its function well and comes out as a top notch product.

AMAZON RATING: 4.7/ 5 Stars

Mister Air Fry Top Tip:

Buy an accessory set when buying this airfryer as it will allow you to cook a wider variety of meals


Cozyna Airfryer Review
Cozyna Airfryer Review

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