Big Boss Airfryer Review

Big Boss Oil-less Air Fryer, 16 Quart, 1300W Airfryer Review

Big Boss Oil-less Air Fryer, 16 Quart, 1300W Airfryer Review

Price 9.0
Ease of Use 8.0
Style 6.0
Cooking Capacity 6.0


  • Quicker cooking times than conventional oven
  • Saves calories by using as a minimum of the oil as possible, More efficient and cost-effective, Built-in alarm timer
  • Viewable progress of the food
  • Simple and Easy programmable cooking settings
  • Available at a comparatively lower price in the market


  • This air fryer may not be very fancy and looks abit cheap
  • When cooking chips, chicken, etc basket has to be shaken throughout cooking to ensure all items are cooked evenly
  • It does not have a large of built-in cooking options

Big Boss Oil-less Air Fryer, 16 Quart, 1300W, Easy Operation with Built in Timer, Dishwasher Safe, Includes 50+ Recipe Book Review

With 1839 customer reviews on Amazon and a slightly lower rating of 3.8/5, this Big Boss Oil-less Air Fryer will be reviewed in the article below to evaluate its worth.


Key Features: Rapid Air Technology
Colour options: Black, Red
Timer Controls: Time control and temperature control available
Capacity : 16 quartz


Brand Big Boss Oil-less Air Fryer
Model Number 9063
Colour Black, Red
Capacity 16 quartz
Control system Simple two dials and temperature and time control system
Power / Wattage 1300 watts
Material Plastic, transparent glass bowl
Auto Shutoff Yes
Special Features Oil-Less Timer


One of the highly reviewed air fryers on Amazon, the Big Boss air fryers has 1,885 customer reviews and has a rating of 3.8 stars.

Coming with a 2 year limited liability, the Big Boss is a relatively simple air fryer to operate, with 2 dials, temperature controls, timer with auto shutoff and popular food directions right on the unit. Its bowl has a transparent glass body, which allows you to monitor the progress of your food without continuously opening the cooking chamber, thus saving heat and speeding up the whole process. Moreover, the bowl comes with a shelf set that makes it possible to cook two different foods simultaneously.

What’s interesting about the Big Boss is that it makes use of triple cooking power technology—halogen, infrared and convention. The halogen directly heats food from the outside, roasting it and bringing it to that beautiful brown color, while the gentle infrared heats food from the inside, sealing in juices and giving food a moist texture, all the while convention evenly distributes the heat inside the chamber for faster and even cooking. Boasting one of the largest cooking capacities among all air fryers currently on the market, the Big Boss comes with a remarkable 16 qt capacity.

However, as evident by the 3.8 ratings, the Big Boss isn’t exactly a big favourite with its users. There have been frequent user complaints of the plastic top melting within 3 to 5 uses. Also, some users have experienced the writing on the air fryer rubbing off after some washes. Without this only cooking guide, it becomes near impossible to handle the air fryer. And despite the brand’s claimed triple cooking power technology, a significant number of users have complained that the food takes ages to cook and that the product is badly designed, with the light bulb inside the unit becoming non-functional soon after the first use. Overall, we think that there are better options available out there for air fryers in this price range, as this one does not quite give its users value for their money.

AMAZON RATING: 4.7/ 5 Stars

Mister Air Fry Top Tip:

If you’re thinking of getting the Big Boss air fryer, you might want to consider getting a sticker of the cooking guide that is posted in writing on the product, as it tends to rub away with washes.


Big Boss Airfryer
Big Boss Airfryer

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