BELLA 14538-2 Airfryer

BELLA 14538 2.6 Quart Air Convection Fryer Review

BELLA 14538 2.6 Quart Air Convection Fryer Review

Price 9.0
Ease of Use 8.0
Style 6.0
Cooking Capacity 6.0


  • Fast and easy cooking, overheat protection system, included
  • Cooks from fresh and frozen
  • The more efficient and cost-effective system as compared to a conventional oven or cooking
  • Minimum cooking oils used when cooking
  • Very affordable on Amazon with an amazing discount offer


  • The warranty time is comparatively less
  • No viewable cooking area

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With over 600 customer reviews on Amazon and a solid rating of 4.3/5, this review includes the details about Bella 14538 2.6 Quart Air Convection Fryer


Key Features: Air frying Technology
Colour options: Black
Timer Controls: up to 30 mins. Temperature control system enabled
Capacity Cooks approximately 10 chicken nuggets at a time


Model Number 14538
Colour Black
Temperature 175-400 degree Celsius
Capacity Cooks approximately 10 chicken nuggets at a time
Power / Wattage 1500 watts
Material Stainless steel
Auto Shutoff Yes
Special Features Oil-Less Timer


This one is more of a convention oven than a true air fryer, but performs the job just as well as any air fryer. The Bella might appeal to some people as it has a rather straight forward interface, with two control dials and a basket.

The structure of this air fryer is also well designed, with cool parts to handle the cooker and an automatic safety assurance shut off system to save the food from being overcooked. It also comes with a number of self-guidance notes to the customer along with a number of classical recipes they can adopt.

It is also equipped with a 2.5-liter removable dishwasher safe basket that can save you from the bother of cleaning it yourself. The Bella can hold 2.2. lbs of food in it. Moreover, it includes temperature and time setting options which save you from the trouble of constantly monitoring your food as it cooks. Additionally, it is also equipped with overheating protection technology.

Now on to the negative bits. Some users complain that the Bella emits a pungent, chemical odor that doesn’t seem to go away, even after multiple uses. Others express dissatisfaction at the fact that the basket won’t stay locked in place and gets dislodged by itself during the cooking process, which turns the machine off. The fryer also lacks the viewable surface for the cook to see the progress of the food.

To sum it up, the Bella air fryer is a great option for you if you’re looking for a well performing, straight forward air fryer, that too at the reasonable price of $80. It may not be the most premium option out there, but we do believe that it gives you good value for money.

AMAZON RATING: 4.7/ 5 Stars

Mister Air Fry Top Tip:

Since the Bella doesn’t have a viewable cooking area, you’ll need to monitor your food in regular intervals to see that the food doesn’t get overcooked.


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